Thanksgiving List

I’ve been posting something for which I’m thankful every day this month. Today, in honor of Thanksgiving, I offer you my list:

ThanksgivingA month of thankfulness:

Day 1 – Thankful for God’s sovereignty in the world…and in my life.
Day 2 – Thankful that God is faithful even when I am not (not proud of that last part!).
Day 3 – Thankful for Christ’s substitutionary sacrifice that redeemed my life. He did what I could not do for myself!
Day 4 – Thankful that the Lord is my shepherd, because this sheep definitely needs her shepherd!
Day 5 – Thankful for this great nation and for the privilege of voting. We may not be perfect, but whatever her problems, it’s still a blessing to live in the USA!
Day 6 – Thankful for the privilege of teaching God’s Word.
Day 7 – Thankful for encouraging words, smiles, and hugs!
Day 8 – Thankful that our salvation is not found in any political party. Regardless of who is in the White House, God is on His throne!
Day 9 – Thankful for food in the pantry, clothes in the closet, and a roof over my head. Jesus taught us to pray for our daily needs, but I have more than what I need just for today!
Day 10 – Thankful for God’s promise of the rainbow. Now we see it in part – someday we’ll see the whole glorious circle around the throne!
Day 11 – Thankful for those who fought and died to protect my liberty. Freedom is never free.
Day 12 – Thankful for the privilege of serving with women who love the Lord. Hearts with a shared purpose are hearts that bring joy!
Day 13 – Thankful for the gift of health. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!
Day 14 – Thankful for the gift of friendship – a gift to give and to cherish.
Day 15 – Thankful for the convenience of technology…even though it doesn’t always work and I don’t always understand it.
Day 16 – Thankful for the peace that passes all understanding in a world filled with anxiety and strife.
Day 17 – Thankful to be part of a church that preaches the gospel, encourages God’s people, and reaches out to the hurting. Also thankful for past pastors and churches who have blessed me with discipleship!
Day 18 – Thankful for the joy that comes from knowing I belong to the Lord. I can call God my heavenly Father because Jesus is my Savior.
Day 19 – Thankful for the gift of fellowship. Hearts knit together, minds of one accord, spirits united. It truly is a gift!
Day 20 – Thankful that Christmas is only five weeks away…and for the anticipation of celebrating the birth of the Savior!
Day 21 – Thankful for the freedom we have to worship the One from whom all blessings flow!
Day 22 – Thankful for my heavenly Father who knows my needs before I do and meets them with His abundant provision!
Day 23 – Thankful for the gift of forgiveness – a gift to give and receive.
Day 24 – Thankful my heavenly Father has more patience with me than I have with others. (Not proud of that one!)

Day 25 – Thankful for the power of a smile. No matter what language we speak, it’s something we all understand.
Day 26 – Thankful for my wonderful husband – whose birthday just happens to be today! God has used him in my life to demonstrate the reality of unconditional love.
Day 27 – Thankful that Christmas is only four weeks away. Four weeks to enjoy the music and decorations that commemorate the incredible Gift sent to us by the Father.
Day 28 – Thankful for the gift of sight…physical AND spiritual!
Day 29 – Thankful for the written Word…and the Living Word!
Day 30 – Thankful for grace – oceans of undeserved blessings!

Buck the Crowd – Give Thanks

We’ve all heard the advice:

Don’t buck the crowd.

Go along to get along.

Don’t rock the boat.

When I’m with a group of people, often the last thing I want to do is buck the crowd. Children are especially vulnerable to this feeling.

As a child, I was the “goody-two-shoes.” The one who always said please and thank you. The one of whom my friends’ parents would say, “You can go only if Ava goes.”

No kid wants that kind of reputation—to be the one who made everyone else look bad by comparison. Kids want to fit in, not stand out.

I wonder if that’s what the ten lepers were thinking. Remember the account in Luke 17? Ten lepers were healed by Jesus. In their joy at being healed, off they went, seemingly forgetting their Healer. But even if it weren’t a case of faulty recollections, I wonder if each of the ten was simply reluctant to break from the group.

Yet one man did buck the crowd. The most unlikely of the ten—a Samaritan—one who the Jews considered to be a pagan. This pagan returned to give thanks.Thank you 2That pagan man convicts me today. Like the other nine healed from leprosy, I am associated with the community of believers. I am a believer. I have a relationship with the living God through Jesus Christ, His Son, by the power of the Holy Spirit. Sadly though, also like those nine, I often ask God for things without going back to say thank you for answered prayer.

I don’t want to be like the nine. I want to be like the one. So as part of my prayer time, I added another list. A “Thank You” list. When God provides and blesses, I move that request to a “thank you” page. My goal is to thank God daily for as long as—or longer than—I was petitioning Him.

It’s time for me to leave the nine and join the one. How about you? Let’s buck the crowd…and give thanks.