Is Superman Like Jesus?

Hollywood has long been accused of being anti-Christian. But prior to the release of Man of Steel, the newest movie version of Superman, Warner Bros. studio kicked into high gear to promote their film to the Christian market.

With screenings for pastors, free film clips, and draft sermons, the studio’s public relations firm sought to present a Christian interpretation to this secular movie. One version of the sermon notes stated:

“Superman’s mythical origins are rooted in the timeless reality of a spiritual superhero
who also lived a modest life until extraordinary times required a supernatural response.
How might the story of Superman awaken our passion for the greatest hero who ever lived and died and rose again?”


The marketing effort seems to have succeeded. The film’s opening weekend was the biggest June opening in movie history.

But is Superman really like Jesus? Yes, Superman’s father sent him to earth – but the original purpose was to save his child, not to save humanity. Of course, Superman does put his life on the line to battle Zod. But his defeat of evil occurs by force, not by sacrifice.

However, what disturbs me most of all is that the comparison of Superman to Jesus Christ compares a fictional character to a very real person. It attributes mythical powers to the very real supernatural power of the Son of God. And a new generation is being subtly influenced to think of Jesus Christ as just another fabrication.

Are Christians so desperate for validation by Hollywood that we allow ourselves to be used for someone else’s agenda? Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not against Superman. I’m just less than happy when Jesus Christ becomes nothing more than a marketing ploy in the race for box office receipts.

What do you think?