What is Your Challenge?

I admit it…I am color-challenged. As in, every house we’ve lived in for the past 30+ years has had nothing but white walls. And white ceilings. And white wood trim. Oh, except for one house that already had wallpaper in the dining room. We left that up because it was easier than removing the wallpaper and…you guessed it, painting the walls white!

It’s not that I don’t like color. I watch the design shows on HGTV. I’ve learned about accent walls, and the difference between “warm” colors and “cool” colors. I’ve identified my “inspiration pieces” and I know which colors I like and which I don’t like. Still, I’m intimidated.

Ask me to teach a class of 200 women. No problem. I’ve been teaching a weekly class of 150+ and our registration for September has topped 200. Ask me to write a book. Done. It will be released this October. Ask me to choose colors other than white or “eggshell” for my walls…and I turn into an indecisive, quivering excuse for a person.

I know…it’s only paint. If I don’t like it, I can paint over it. Color is my friend. It will make our home warmer and more inviting. My problem is that there are way too many choices. I like the idea of color, I just can’t make a decision. How can I know which one of the 150 shades of blue paint swatches will be the “right” blue for our home?

But I refuse to be held captive to my comfort zone any longer. Today I will put color on my walls. We picked up  paint swatches from Home Depot yesterday. We selected a color – Caspian Tide (aka country blue – don’t you just love the names they dream up for all these colors?). We’ve placed painter’s tape around the walls to ensure reasonably straight lines.

I’m feeling brave. I’m ready.

And if I don’t like it, there’s always the 2 gallons of white paint in the garage.

Where are you being challenged to leave your comfort zone? If you’re a teacher, have you been asked to work with a different level of students or teach a different subject? If you’re a writer, have you been shying away from marketing your work? Maybe you’re a mom who is considering home-schooling her children for the first time. Step out in faith, with the knowledge that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us (Philippians 4:13).

What can you do to step out of your comfort zone today? Grab your “paint brush” and get going!