Moms – World’s Toughest Job

I hired thousands of people during my career in Human Resources in New York City over 20+ years.

Some positions were considered “plum” jobs with a high salary, good benefits, and a clear career track. Others were temporary, dead-end, hourly positions that barely paid enough to make the commute worthwhile.

There’s one position I never tried to recruit: mothers. The job description would fill a book. With long hours and no pay, applicants would be few, despite the fact that no experience is necessary. But rather than try to describe the position, I invite you to check out the video below for a fun perspective.

Then, if you’re able, call your mother, wish her a happy Mother’s Day, and tell her “thank you” for working the world’s toughest job!

And if you are a mom, please know your efforts are noticed and appreciated!

Study Proves Moms Work Harder


For all you moms who are convinced you work harder and longer than most other people, it’s finally been confirmed.

You actually do.

A survey sponsored by Welch’s noted that mothers work an average of 14 hours a day for a 98-hour work week. The survey included 2,000 moms with children in elementary school.

Remember, that’s without monetary compensation. Of course, moms know they get paid with something better than money: love, appreciation, hugs, kisses, and most important of all, the knowledge that they’re shaping the next generation.

Still, the equivalent of 2.5 full-time jobs? Yikes!

This just proves what most moms have known all along: they are priceless!

However, just for the fun of it, use this link to calculate your (or your mother’s) salary. Then thank her and wish her a happy Mother’s Day!

Moms Salary Wizard


A Mother’s Job Description

I spent more than 20 years in corporate human resources and reviewed more job descriptions than I could count. Those job descriptions were especially useful in determining the best candidate when recruiting.

But there’s one position for which I’m thankful I never had to recruit: the position of a mother. I twitch at the thought of recruiting one person to fill all the duties of a mom. The job description would have to include all the following and more beside:


  • accountant
  • banker
  • chauffeur
  • cheerleader
  • chef
  • coach
  • counselor
  • decorator
  • entertainer
  • financial planner
  • gardener
  • hairstylist
  • handyman
  • hostess
  • housekeeper
  • janitor
  • juggler
  • manager
  • nanny
  • nurse
  • nutritionist
  • paramedic
  • party planner
  • photographer
  • referee
  • secretary
  • spiritual advisor
  • storyteller
  • teacher
  • waitress
  • zookeeper


The salary is paltry—actually, less than paltry. It’s zero. There’s no advancement. Vacation days are nil, unless you count the second Sunday in May, but even then you’re on duty.

So why would anyone take on such a position? By any logical standard, it’s an insane proposition. But logic has nothing to do with it. One heartfelt kiss, one enthusiastic hug, one spontaneous “I love you, Mommy!” is all you need to be assured it’s worth it.

Every moment.

Every diaper.

Every skinned knee.

Every disobeyed curfew.

Every tear.

Every smile.

Every sigh.

Every. Moment.

So consider this a shout out to every mom fulfilling an impossible job description by the grace of God. Consider this a thank you for every mom who did her best and wishes she had done better. To every mom who is doing her best and wondering how to do better. You’re giving yourself…there is no better. You’ve been entrusted with a precious life…and there’s nothing more valuable.

You’re raising children who will be doctors and lawyers and plumbers and electricians. Future florists and administrators and firefighters and law enforcement officers. Future teachers and social workers and athletes and decorators. Future janitors and zookeepers and hairstylists and photographers.

Future dads and future moms.

Most important of all, you have the opportunity to raise children to know and trust the Lord as their Creator, Savior, and Lord. Their Refuge, Guide, and Strength. Their Hope, Help, and Provider. You gave them earthly life and you have the privilege of leading them to receive eternal life.

Thank you to every mom in every family in every home.

Happy Mother’s Day!


What other duties can you add to a mom’s job description?

Tribute to Mothers

Is there any role in life more under-appreciated than motherhood? I don’t think so.

As a tribute to mothers, I offer you Anita Renfroe’s humorous, classic look at all the mom-isms spoken by mothers everywhere.


(And thank your Mom! 😉 )




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