What If God Allows It?

What if

It’s hurricane season in Florida. With every new tropical disturbance identified in the Atlantic Ocean, Florida residents play the “What if?” game.

What if a hurricane strikes us again?

What if we experience similar flooding to the Carolinas?

And the what-ifs extend beyond the weather.

What if the diagnosis is cancer?

What if the prognosis is terminal?

What if my prodigal refuses to return?

Most Christians say they trust God. We quote Bible verses that talk about God as Provider, Protector, and Healer. We memorize verses describing God’s loving nature and His compassion.

But even as we quote truth, our circumstances can unleash fears in overwhelming waves.

What if God allows the cancer to return?

And what if God permits my prodigal to remain lost?

What if God allows us to lose our home?

The resulting fears rise above our immediate circumstances to influence our view of God.

We doubt God’s goodness, even though the Bible declares that God is good (Psalm 100:5)

And we doubt God’s provision, even though the Bible tells us He will meet our needs (Phil. 4:19).

We doubt God’s love, even though the Bible tells us God is love (I John 4:8).

When we allow our fears to trump our faith, it’s the equivalent of saying God doesn’t have our best interests at heart. And even when we don’t fear, we can rebel against God by choosing what we think is best, rather than what He says is best.

  • It’s what Eve believed in the Garden when she believed Satan’s lies and ate the fruit that God had declared forbidden. What if God is keeping the best for Himself?
  • It’s what the ancient Israelites believed when they refused to enter the promised land for fear of the “giants” in the land. What if God allows us to die in the Promised Land?
  • It’s what King David believed when he allowed lust for another man’s wife to cause him to commit murder. What if God wants me to deny my physical desires?

How are your circumstances influencing your perspective of our heavenly Father? Do you hold a high view of God? Have you allowed what you don’t understand about His ways to prevent you from trusting His nature?

God calls His children to trust Him despite our what-ifs.

And if our what-if actually happens, will we still trust Him?

What what-if are you struggling with today?