Duck Commanders, Singing Nuns, and Me

Just when I thought our culture could no longer surprise me…it does.

Consider these two examples in the entertainment world: 

A clan of duck hunters from the Louisiana backwoods has become a media phenomenon. This conservative Christian clan has fueled an entertainment empire that includes mega-bestselling books, a popular television program, a flourishing duck call manufacturing business, and a franchise that has placed their duck logo on everything from Chia pets to baby onesies.

Duck Commanders

Robertson family books have sold more than 1.3 million copies, the season premiere of Duck Dynasty shattered records with 11.8 million viewers last week, and the business that started it all is expected to sell more than 600,000 duck calls this year alone. 

Benedictine Nuns

Also breaking records this year are recordings by a group of singing nuns from Kansas City, Missouri. They’ve sold more than 50,000 albums to date. The first album by these Benedictine nuns, “Advent at Ephesus,” bumped “Fifty Shades of Grey: The Classical Album” (yes, that “Fifty Shades of Grey”) from its number one spot on the traditional classical Billboard chart last Christmas. Their latest album, “Angels & Saints at Ephesus,” remained number one in its category for six weeks this past spring. 

So what do bearded duck commanders and singing nuns have in common?

For one thing, neither group seems concerned about other people’s preconceptions. Nuns who spend most of their waking moments in silence or in song? Sure! Duck hunters giving prayer advice? Why not?

Both groups are also comfortable entertaining the world without being influenced by it. The Robertson family has not allowed fame to change their relationships with the Lord Jesus Christ and each other, their practice of praying  together, or their lifestyles. The Benedictine nuns are as comfortable during their times of silence as they are during their times of singing.

Finally, neither group is self-conscious about their talents. They are not motivated by critics or supporters. Whether manufacturing duck calls or singing praises, both groups are doing what God equipped them to do.

What an example to me! To do what God has called me to do, regardless of others’ opinions. To be comfortable in who God has called me to be, despite the expectations of others. To be motivated by a desire to please my heavenly Father – the One who has given me gifts to use for His glory – without trying to take even the tiniest bit of glory for myself.

Duck hunters, singing nuns, and me. We have more in common than you might think.

How about you?