When Do You Begin?

Parents have all sorts of questions regarding beginnings for their children. When should your child speak his first word or begin eating solid food? When should she start learning to read or begin learning math? When should your child learn to ride a bicycle or how to tie a bow? Educators will debate and parents will disagree, but the bottom line is that the answers often depend on your child’s individual development.

Is the answer the same regarding spiritual things? Is there a right time to begin teaching your child about God?

The answer is simple: begin at the beginning. Begin at the beginning of your child’s life. From infancy, tell him of the Father’s love. Sing to her the familiar words of “Jesus Loves Me This I Know” as you change her diaper. Play fingerplays with him when he wakes from his nap.

As your children grow from infancy into toddlers, read the Bible to them at bedtime. Use a children’s Bible to pique their interest with pictures and to hold their interest with age-appropriate vocabulary.

Pray with them at meals, pray before bedtime, pray when they first wake in the morning. Pray with them when they’re happy, thanking God for the source of their joy. Pray with them when they’re sad, showing them the importance of running to their heavenly Father first.

Trusting God will not be a foreign concept for your child. Children have a deep capacity for faith. Think about it. You don’t have to teach your infant, toddler, or elementary-age child to trust you. They wake in the morning trusting you for breakfast, for the clothes they’ll wear, for the roof over their heads. They trust you to protect them from harm. After all, what’s the first thing they cry out when they’re scared? Mommy!

Their deep capacity for faith and trust is just waiting for you to direct them to their ultimate Parent. The One who will be there when you can’t. The One who will carry them farther than you can. And, as difficult as it is to understand, the One who loves them even more than you do.

Begin at the beginning to give them a foundation of trust that will never end.


Shameless plug for Faith Basics for Kids:

Do You Love Me More?                     Will I See You Today?



Faith Basics for Kids

I am thrilled to announce that the picture book series, Faith Basics for Kids, has been released by Standard Publishing.

This series has been an especially dear project for me for the past several years, and to hold the first two books in my hands is a true joy. I am especially grateful to Crystal Bowman for co-authoring these books and creating rhythm and rhyme that almost sings on each page!

These books are more than just picture books for children. They use lively text and age-appropriate language to present deep spiritual truths in a kid-friendly way. Each book incorporates familiar actions and experiences to help children relate to the story and understand an abstract Bible truth.

Additionally, each book also has an addendum that further explains the Bible truth to the parent or teacher. These addendums provide the biblical foundation and teaching to equip the adult to better understand the truth for themselves and to explain it to their children.

The first book in the series is Do You Love Me More?

Young children will learn that good works are not necessary to earn God’s love;
instead, our good works show gratitude to God for his grace.

The second book in the series is Will I See You Today?

Young children will learn that God is with them every day, everywhere they go.

Would you consider doing three things?
1. Rejoice with me at the release of Faith Basics for Kids!
2. Pray with me that God will use these books to plant His truth in the hearts of children and their parents.
3. Buy Do You Love Me More? and Will I See You Today? for a child you know!