Children's Picture Books

Ava Pennington and Crystal Bowman are co-authors of the children’s picture book series, Faith Basics for Kids. The series was launched by Standard Publishing in January 2011 with two books.

The Faith Basics for Kids series uses lively text in rhythm and rhyme to present deep spiritual truths in an age-appropriate, kid-friendly way.

Each book incorporates familiar actions and experiences to help kids relate to the story and understand a Bible teaching—not just morals and virtues.

Extra material is included in an addendum to also help parents and teachers clarify the biblical concept for themselves.

Do You Love Me More?

Young children will learn that good works are not necessary to earn God’s love;
instead, our good works show gratitude to God for his grace.





Will I See You Today?

Young children will learn that God is with them every day, everywhere they go.





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